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Martine Johanna at Kock x Bos Gallery

Martine Johanna is an artist known for her amazing vivid paintings! Her paintings are autobiographic with both figurative and abstract elements. If you have never seen one of her pieces the Knock x Bos Gallery in Amsterdam is the place to be. After successful shows in New York and Los Angeles, Amsterdam is the next big city where you can see these images in an exposition called Dark Matter. This exposition is on at the gallery until the 23rd of June.

Dark Matter 1

More about the exposition and Martine Johanna

In her paintings you see  her using colour, form, and composition as language. Where her former work was mainly autobiographic, her more recent work (on display during the Dark Matter exposition) explores beyond her inner world and into those of women in general. Through her images she investigates the role of women within a patriarchal culture, beauty, and female adolescence. The layered paintings with abstract elements and delicate painted figures have a wide saturated color spectrum.

In the neighbouhood


Koch x Bos Gallery
Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, Amsterdam


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