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Meram Osdorp

Meram was the  first alcohol-free restaurant in the Netherlands. They are well known for their breakfast buffets on the weekend. Besides that they have awesome steaks, rib-eye, spareribs and various other meat dishes. But vegetarians also have many Turkish dishes to choose from.

Meram Osdorp the first alcohol free restaurant

When this Turkish restaurant first opened its doors in Amsterdam Oost in 1999, it was the Netherlands’ first alcohol-free restaurant. Today, it’s the perfect place to discover the ancient cuisine of one of the Netherlands’ largest immigrant groups, with its accessible and pleasingly familiar Mediterranean flavours. Meram offers a wide range of authentic Anatolian dishes made with super fresh ingredients and serves them up in a warm and hospitable environment.

Whats in the name Meram Osdorp

The name, Meram, has its origin in the province Konya in central Anatolië. It means wishes or desires. The Meram region is known for its beautiful scenery and tasty cuisine.

Meram sets itself apart by its passion for the Turkish kitchen and the Anatolian hospitality. Whilst using fresh ingredients the chef wants to offer you authentic and personal dishes that tease your taste buds. The restaurants serves a large variatie of Turkish dishes to please all of its customers. Visit Meram Osdorpp for a good meal, hospitality and a unique atmosphere.


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Meram Osdorp
Meer en Vaart 175, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 412 92 03


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