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MOAM X Paradiso: Sex, drugs & Rock ‘n Roll

Paradiso amsterdam - photo by Pieter Kers

This year marks the 50th anniversary of pop temple Paradiso. To celebrate this they teamed up with creative platform MOAM and organized an exposition on sex, drugs & Rock ‘n Roll anno 2018. On Thursday September 13th Paradiso will open its doors to give 25 young artists a stage to showcase their work. Every artist is given complete creative freedom to create art inspired by this iconic location.


But there is more! During the night MOAM will host three inspirational talks about music, youth culture and Amsterdam in cooperation with MTV. To top it off the evening will end with performances by a wide variety of DJ’s and VJ’s, so you can get your groove on.

Check out the MOAM X Paradiso Facebook event page for the artists and the full event schedule. You’ll get a spot on the guest list by clicking on attend!

amsterdam moam paradiso dj event


Since 1968 Paradiso offers a stage for young creative talent. The former church is known as a meeting point where visitors and artists from all over the world come together. Throughout the last 50 years Paradiso developed itself to a pop venue, club and cultural center where diversity, versatility and creative expression are key points.


With a unique vision on fashion, MOAM is a platform for young talent to work together with esteemed names from the fashion industry. The multidisciplinary platform is founded by Martijn Nekoui in 2013 and focusses on knowledge broadening and talent development. MOAM values creative freedom over everything.


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