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Moco Museum presents Daniel Arsham: Connecting Time

Moco Museum presents Daniel Arsham: Connecting Time. This will be the first ever solo exhibition of the New York artist in Amsterdam and will be shown from 18 January 2019 on at the Moco Museum. Expect a multi-disciplinary exhibition bringing architecture, design, film and fine art together. Make your way through the various installation spaces including his Eroded wall paper room, that will make you feel you’re in an alternative reality. The artists fascination for pop culture, sport and archeology make this into an exhibition you’ll not soon forget!

daniel arsham exhibition amsterdam 2019

Surreal environment at Connecting Time

‘Connecting Time’ is an exhibition with works from his entire career. Four architectural pieces that visitors will initially consider to be ‘common’, form a surrealistic environment through subtle distortion. Sportswear and objects from pop culture have been eroded as if they were excavated at an archaeological site.

Apart from the works he’s made over the years, there will be a number of new and never-before-seen works and installations created for this exhibition. Arsham’s interactive installation Calcified Living Room is reminiscent of the inside of a cave covered with minerals, or the city of Pompeii preserved by lava.

Daniel Arsham moco museum

About Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham (1980) uses various disciplines for his works, like architecture, design, sculpture, film and fine art. He is the first and only ‘artist in residence’ of Adidas and became widely known for his recent collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Central to his work is the concept of fictional archeology. He creates spaces and situations, connecting the past, present and future by showcasing fossilized objects from the millennial era. His work has been awarded worldwide with prestigious prizes, and has had exhibitions in renowned museums like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, Athens Biennale and New Museum.


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