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Moco Museum

The Moco museum in Amsterdam is an invitatie of private gallery holders Lionel and Kim Logchies. With more than eighteen years of experience and a broad art-network they are able to display various international art pieces from private collections. At the museum giftshop you can buy artdvd’s, souvenirs, small art pieces and posters. Besides that, MOCO Museum can also inform you about purchasing originals and prints at LionelGallery. (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 64), a stones throw away in the Spiegelkwartier.. They want to bring modern and contemporary art to the public. At the museum they show a wide range of inspiring art. The museum decided to only show artist with a strong vision that makes them special. With a dash of humor and loads of irony all the art at Moco shows the current society that speaks to a wide audience. Visitors who come to the museum Moco will experience art that is nowhere to be seen but here.

The current exposition Street Art-legend Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein. During the exposition more than 80 works of both artist are on display. Both their work challenges the mainstream culture and makes you question the known rules of society.


In the neighbouhood


Moco Museum
Honthorststraat 20, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 370 19 97


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