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Mr by Daniele Dentici

Two of the most refined Daniele Dentici shops are to be found on the Utrechtsestraat. As Italian sense of reality is often measured by degrees of beauty (from “bellissimo” to “inguardabile”, literally “unwatchable”) expect nothing less than only desirable pieces of footwear on the shelves. Some of them, like Officine Creative and Sylvano Sassetti, artisan manufactured. The style, both for men as for women could be best defined as casual chic with a whiff of rock ’n roll as they reflect the selectors independent spirit. Some of the accessory brands in the Mr store even literally back up this statement. While the hat brand MOVE Roma is famous for its costume hat collaborations with directors as Martin Scorsese and many more, the Italian cane & umbrella brand Pasotti is often spotted in the hands of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Morrissey and Madonna on red carpet events and concerts.

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Daniele Dentici
+31 (0)20 624 55 54


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