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Museum of Prostitution

Everyone knows  the Red Light District in Amsterdam, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. But do you know everything about this part of town? The Museum of Prostitution is here to educate visitors about this neighborhood.

Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets

With this museum Amsterdam has another first, the first museum of prostitution. This unique attraction is located in the center of the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam. Here you will get a walk-through experience, giving you a unique insight to the ins and outs of the world’s oldest profession. The museum is situated in one of the most iconic buildings in the Red Light District and is one of the city’s top attractions. Discover the world behind this mysterious industry and learn from the working girls themselves. They give you a behind-the-scenes look into this popular tourist location.

Discover Red Light Secrets, Prostitution Museum Amsterdam

The Museum of Prostitution is a real must-see during your city trip to Amsterdam. During your visit you won’t just learn about the profession, but also experience what it feels like to actually sit behind one of the famous windows! Experience what it is like to try and appeal to people passing your window. And unlike in the rest of the Red Light District, taking pictures is allowed so you can have a keepsake of your little experience. Red Light Secrets wants to educate visitors about the world’s oldest profession in a light-hearted, informative way. With this they also want to remove the taboo and negativity associated with the profession and the area. During your visit you will learn about the history of this, slightly notorious, neighborhood and get an unique insight into the daily life of working girls.

Amsterdam is known for its open-minded culture and relaxed views on topics which have been the source of controversy in other parts of the world. Experience how it works there first hand at the one and only Red Light Secrets!


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Red Light Secrets
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h, Amsterdam


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