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Open Ateliers Jordaan 2018

Attention Art Lovers! Open Ateliers Jordaan 2018 takes place on the 19th, 20th and 21st of May. During this event various ateliers open their doors for the public. Meet the artists and look at their process of creating art. This year more than 47 ateliers in various disciplines are participating in the event.

Walk the Routes of Open Ateliers Jordaan

During the events there are various organized tours that take you along the six different disciplines, but you can also decide to walk the routes yourself. Check out the tours below and mix and match them to find the one that fits your intrests.

Route 1 – Etches and Portraits | Find the route in Google Maps

Route 2 – Ceramics | Find the route in Google Maps

Route 3 – Imagine History | Find the route in Google Maps

Route 4 – Painting and Photography | Find the route in Google Maps

Route 5 – Drawing and sketching | Find the route in Google Maps

The Sixth route is about moving image and mainly focusses around one location, Tuinstraat 237.

In the neighbouhood


Various Ateliers in the Jordaan
Tuinstraat 20, Amsterdam


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