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Pastels in Museum Van Loon

Pastels in Museum Van Loon is focused around the pastel portraits. This exposition will be the first overview of important pastel artists since 1948. This spring, from March 8 until June 4, the work of national and international artists will be on display in the museum.

About the exposition

The pastel portrait industry flourished in the 18th-century. National and international artists such as Jean-Etienne Liotard (1702-1789), Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (1715-1783) and Charles Howard Hodges (1764-1837)painted the most beautiful portraits in our country. During this time their clientele consisted of bankers, politicians and the royals. In the 19th-century more affluent families where also interested in pastel portraits. The Van Loon family was amongst these families. With this exhibition, Museum Van Loon wants to contribute to the public recognition of both foreign and Dutch pastellists. The museum also hopes to introduce visitors to an artform that is usually overshadowed by other, more popular artwork from the 18th-and 19th-century.


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