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Phantom Thread on 70mm at Eye Film

Phamtom Thread is probably the final film role of Daniel Day-Lewis’s carreer. Day-Lewis combines forces with Paul Thomas once again, 10 years after There will be blood, for one last grand and elegant movie. The Eye Film Museum is the only location in the Benelux where you can view this film on the original 70mm that it was shot in.

About Phantom Thread

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Woodcock who falls hopelessly in love with a shy German waitress, Alma. He sees a beauty and grace that no one sees in her. As they grow closer, Woodcock gets stranger and Alma needs to find a way to control him. The movie is a beautiful tale of 50’s haute couture, obsession and strange love, combining a timeless tale with a hint of humor.

This movie plays at Eye Film from the first of March, please visit their website for a schedule and tickets.


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