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Pont 13

One of the wonders of Amsterdam is its relation with water. The beautiful Amstel river, the canals and ‘t Ij are all part of the cities beautiful decor.

Pont 13, one of the hidden gems of Amsterdam

Escape the bustle of downtown and enjoy the water view at the old ferry that is turned into a restaurant. Pont 13 has a robust and especially cozy atmosphere where the service is relaxed and cheerful. The meat and fish dishes are prepared on a real charcoal grill. At the Pont 13 the terrace feels like a wonderful holiday destination. Enjoy a delicious craft beer in the sunshine as you watch the boats passing by on the IJ. No sunshine? Enjoy the cozy interior of the Pont with its rugged and industrial character. The best part? Many original parts of the ferry are incorporated in its decor. The old engine room can be booked separately for meetings and presentations and the entire Pont 13 can be booked for private events such as parties, corporate events and even weddings! Pond 13 is an official wedding location.

Are you ready to explore the Amsterdam waters? Pont 13 also offers the possibility to rent a boat.

The history of Pont 13

Pont 13 was built in 1927 as steam ferry but became a diesel ferry in 1956. The ferry transported passengers by foot, bike or car for years before the GVB sold it to a freight company. They used it for freigt transportation to Ijburg. When the ferry wasn’t suitable for that anymore either it was put on the market as “scrap”, hoping someone would want to buy it for parts. But in 2005 it was saved from that faith! The owners of pond 13 bought the ferry and started to design the concept of the restaurant we know now. Since 2010 the restaurant has its fixed location at the Haparandadam where everyone can enjoy its beauty and history.


In the neighbouhood


Pont 13
Haparandadam 50, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 770 27 22


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