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Rankin, the world famous photographer known for his iconic nude pictures in the 90’s, makes his debuut in the Netherlands with his solo exposition “Naked”. For the first time in five years his works will not only be on display, you will also have the chance to purchase some of his work at the Kunsthuis Amsterdam. The exposition is a combination of his world famous work and new images that have never been showed before.

Rankin – Naked

Naked, the Rankin exposition can be seen at the Kunsthuis Amsterdam until the 17th of December. The designer himself stated that he is finally where wants to be to create amazing art. Some of these pieces, created over the last five years, have never been showed before. In the 90’s he became famous with iconic nudes from supermodels such as Kate Moss and Helena Christensen. His new collection differs because it is more dark and intimate. The pictures show a raw exploration of the nude body. He combines a darker side with an erotic touch and a spark of humor.

Rankin exposition in the Kunsthuis © Rankin

Rankin on the collection

Rankin says: ‘I am very enthusiastic about my new work, this work is the purest since the 90s, although it is much darker. This aesthetic makes me excited. Retouching and striving for perfection is irrelevant here.

The models are a raw realization of my fascination with eroticism and death. As I get older, these two seeming contradictions seem to take more and more place in my imagination.

I think it has a lot to do with the control that I have created about my own sexuality and lust. I think I am finally where I want to be to create great work. ”

Rankin exposition in the Kunsthuis © Rankin

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