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Restaurant C.

The new restaurant C., a concept of chef Michiel van der Eerde (who is also behind Baut and Bautzuid) revolves around the temperature of food. The menu is divided into raw dishes (served below 20 degrees Celsius), gently cooked delicacies (80 degrees), boiled and steamed food (below 100 degrees) and products from the grill and tempura (200 degrees). A culinary spectacle is guaranteed at C.

Restaurant C. at the Wibautstraat

Restaurant C. is one of the new restaurants along the renovated Wibautstraat. This street is turning into an avenue with international allure.

Restaurant C is dedicated to good food, from ice cold to sizzling hot dishes, all the food is of the highest quality. At C. you will experience the importance of temperature when it comes to food. For many products, the temperature determines the structure. The restaurant is sublime when it comes to the combination of flavors, textures and temperatures.

C is a culinary spectacle

The restaurant has an open kitchen that is situated in the middle of the restaurant. This ensures that all the guests can have a little look into the kitchen if they want. The C in the name stands for Celsius (officially), but if someone would tell you it is cocktails we are pretty sure you will believe it! Besides amazing food at the restaurant you can sit down and enjoy some amazing cocktails or other spirits at Bar C. When the sun is out, you can also enjoy the beautiful terrace that is on the Wibautstraat side of the restaurant. You can sit here and watch the busy Amsterdam life fly by.


In the neighbouhood


Restaurant C.
Wibautstraat 125, Amsterdam
+31 20 210 30 11


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