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Rotisserie East

Get all your guilty pleasures gratified at this popular place on busy Beukenplein, which is known for its juicy spit-roasted chicken, double patty burgers and “turbo cheese fries”. While hardly healthy, Rotisserie Amsterdam takes the junk out of “junk food” by using the finest quality ingredients and making everything – yes, even the sauces, pickles and buns – from scratch. Wash down all that greedy goodness with a cocktail or gin and tonic (there are 20 types to choose from). If you’re stubbornly sticking to the West, you should know Rotisserie has a second location on the Clercqstraat 81.

In the neighbouhood


Rotisserie East
Beukenplein 17, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 235 87 00


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