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Scossa, close to Central Station, in the quiet ‘Kattengat’ alley in between two busy streets, you will find a place brimming with the flavors of the sunny regions of Italy. In a cool and casual international ambiance – either inside or on the charming terrace under the trees with views of the famous domed church and traditional houses – you can enjoy a variety of Italy’s finest classics. When entering the restaurant the vibrant open kitchen immediately welcomes you with the pleasant scent of fresh made Italian delicacies.


The Dining Experience at Scossa

Scossa means ‘shock’ in Italian and although Italians are very particular about their food traditions, experienced food & beverage manager Francesco Cinque explains to us that it is all about offering a friendly, knowledgeable and uncomplicated experience of the varied regions of his beautiful country. With a soft and tasty homemade focaccia, we explore the wine list boasting Italian classics like Montepulciano, Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio. Our first journey is to the coast; sandy beaches and sunny days are brought to mind with the crispy seafood platter of prawns, whitebait and squid. We leave the mayonnaise aside as a squeeze of lemon juice is enough. The Liguria-style octopus carpaccio looks like a beautiful painting and tastes just as amazing. This is delightful, nofuss food with only a couple of ingredients. The next dish we share, for example, is the freshest burrata cheese served with tasty, oven-roasted tomatoes, rucola and the best olive oil. We need some starch with our wine and what better than the risotto Luganeca with the original sausage, zucchini and Parmesan. Chef Enrico Luise tells us that he uses the Vialone nano rice with a very light stock, making it light and fluffy but full of flavor due to the rice’s absorbent quality. Risotto is an art form. The baba au rum from Napoli – often associated with the French version, probably because of culinary exchanges of Italian and French royals in the 18th century – is light and not drowned in alcohol; the ingredients seem in perfect harmony. Next to this new experience of dolce we of course taste the chef’s tiramisu which, of course, is exquisite.


Scossa is convienently located in the city centre of Amsterdam, close to the canals and many highlights such as Body Worlds and Madame Tussauds.

In the neighbouhood


Kattengat 1, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 551 20 00


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