Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea, Part 2


North Korea is a country that fascinates many. During Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea, Part 2, Eddo Hartmann shows you this interesting country, pixel for pixel.

About the exposition

At Huis Marseille you find the interesting exposition Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea, Part 2. In North Korea people are just a small dot, a pixel. Hartmann went into the country looking for that pixel and showing their true beauty through his photographs. In 2015 Huis Marseille already showed the first of these pictures that where more focused on buildings and propaganda, but now the final installation, focused on the people, is on display. Discover an otherwise hidden world and notice the hidden details in these impressive and even emotional pictures.

North Korea regulates what images leave the country, but that didn’t stop Hartmann from photographing the country in a way you haven’t seen before.


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