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Shahjahan Amsterdam

Shahjahan is an Indian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. It also has a special place in the hearts of many Amsterdammers. The authentic and aromatic Indian food at Shahjahan is absolutely delicious and makes every visit an everlasting experience for the visitors. The chef and staff always want to give their guests an unforgettable experience, whether you are a first time or a repeat customer.

Enjoy the traditional Indian meals at Shahjahan

The chef of Shahjahan has compiled a wonderful Indian menu with very diverse meals. The great combinations of traditional spices and herbs are presented beautifully in all the dishes. It’s a feast for the eye and the mouth. And don’t worry about how spicy the meals are. The guests can decide how spicy they want their dish. The chef will always make it the way you want it. And are you up for a surprise? Of course that’s also possible. The chef will make you an outstanding surprise dinner. You will have a great dining experience at Shahjahan.

In the neighbouhood


Eerste Anjeliers Dwarsstraat 18, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 624 01 22


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