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Springsnow Festival 2018

With Springsnow Festival 2018 we celebrate spring in the city! From the 21st of April until the 21st of May the city honors the Elm (one of the official trees of the city). The Elm is the tree responsible for the beautiful “spring snow” as we now it. When the tree is in bloom it covers the whole city in beautiful, fragile Elm seeds.

The Elm Route

In 2018 you can participate in this festival by walking the special Elm Route that runs from the Iepenarboretum (next to the Eye Film) in Amsterdam-Noord via the eastern side of the center to the Hortus Botanicus. On the way you cross the most beautiful Elm trees in the city, springsnow is guaranteed during this route!

Springsnow Festival 2018

This year there are various ways to experience this festival. We’ve already mentioned the Elm route that runs through the city, but there is more.

Exposition | 21 April – 20 May

The 7th edition of this festival is celebrated with a special exposition by Simon Trel in the Rietveld Huis in the Amstelpark. Last year Trel made a photo series of Amsterdam covered in Elm tree seeds, these are now on display.

Springsnow Photo Walk | 22 April from 11:00 until 13:30

Take a walk along the Elm route and get a chance to take some beautiful pictures with other springsnow-lovers. The event starts at 11:00 in the Iepenarboretum and takes about 2,5 hours. Participating is free, please let the organizers know that you are coming via info@springsnow.nl.


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Amstelpark, Amsterdam


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