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Stadswild Silent Night Run

In this world where online and offline chatter never stops the organization of the Silent Night Run Amsterdam had an idea; what if we could just run the city in silence, free of all of that chatter. In 2012 the first edition started with a simple Facebook post, but at the day of the run runners from all over the world showed up to the Dam.

Silent Night Run 2018 on the 27th of January

Break the cycle, run in silence to explore the city with whole new eyes, be inspired by the work of creative talents and give new meaning to a Saturday night out. The Stadswild Silent Night Run is a social experience for people who share values like running, wellness, creativity and making a connection based on what’s inside. Since 2012 the event has grown from a simple city run to an event which collaborates with artists from all over the world. Experience the city, running and art al in silence with like-minded people that are all there to unwind, connect and free their minds.


In the neighbouhood


Dam Square
Dam, Amsterdam


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