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Streets of the World Photo Museum

The Streets of the World Photo Museum is open every summer from April until September. The museum came to be because of Jeroen Swolfs’s creative brain. In 2009 he set out to photograph street life in every country of the world. The result of this journey of a lifetime is now on display. With 195 photos, he shows an extensive impression of the world. One that is different from the hard images from the media, but just as real.

About the temporary photo museum

You can find the museum in the former army warehouse, with four floors and 3800m2 there is enough space to look at the amazing images. The prints are all life size, this makes you feel like you are right there with Swolf when he took the picture. Walk across the famous squares or cozy streets, travel to Nepal or Tadzjikistan, right here at the edge of Amsterdam.

In the neighbouhood


Slaghoedje 52, Zaandam


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