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Teng Janssen

Amsterdam Zuid has a new hot spot where you can get your drink fix with Teng Janssen. Here they have over 100 different kinds of wine on the menu. If you cant find a bottle you like here, we don’t know if you ever will. The wines that they serve at Teng Janssen are usually from France or Italy. Besides wine they also serve tasty cocktails and food for those of you craving something for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

About Teng Janssen

The restaurant thanks it’s name to the grandfather of the owner. He wanted to honor his “bompa’s” spirit by naming the restaurant after him. With this he hopes to keep his core values of innovating, collaborating, creating and above all enjoying life alive.

To get the full experience we recommend you get a 3-,4-,5 or 6-course dinner with accompanying wines and a cocktail to end (or start…) the night!

In the neighbouhood


Teng Janssen
Beethovenstraat 27, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 737 12 59


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