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The Best of Amsterdam Oost

Here at Amsterdam Magazine we love to explore the various neighbourhoods of this city. Amsterdam Oost is one of the up and coming neigbourhoods that isn’t full of tourists, yet. It has a great mix of cultures and people from all walks of life, this makes for an interesting and lively neighbourhood with many different shops, restaurants and art concept stores.

Officially Amsterdam Oost runs from the Mauritskade to the north and A10 highway south, including the Oostelijke Eilanden. Amsterdam Magazine adds the Plantagebuurt and the far eastern part of the city center into the definition “Amsterdam Oost”.

Things to do in Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost is full of things to do and attractions, but it isn’t as touristy as the other area’s in the city. Therefore it might not be as full of hip and happening places as De Pijp (which is right next to it), but it has its own charm and gives you a unique chance to do as the locals do.

The Beautiful parks of Amsterdam Oost

One of our favorite aspects of Amsterdam Oost is the wide variety of parks. Here you have the the recently renovated Oosterpark which has a great kiddy-pool where you can come with your family to cool off on a hot day. Flevopark is an oasis of green bordering the city, here you can walk around, relax and even swim on a hot day. The outdoor pool is right next to the park and is open from early spring to late summer. Besides that the park also has the hidden gem Distillery ‘t Nieuwe Diep where you can sit down and sip one of their home brewed drinks. Last but not least there is also Park Frankendael where you find the amazing restaurants De Kas and Merkelbach and it is also home to the Pure Markt.


In the heart of Amsterdam Oost is the more than a century old Dappermarkt, known to be the most affordable and multicultural market in the city. It’s held six days a week in Amsterdam East. Pursue the exotic wares at the more than 250 stalls of the market or shop at one of the stores that are hidden behind the stalls of the market. Here you will really see daily life in Amsterdam pass you by. Grab an ice cream or a fresh stroopwafel while you stroll together with the other visitors of this market. See locals haggle over produce prices or find a great fashion item for a bargain.

Artis and Micropia

Artis Royal Zoo isn’t just a zoo. They like to be known as the garden of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Royal Zoo usually goes by the name ARTIS, officially Natura Artis Magistra. It is a great daytrip while you are visiting the city. They don’t just offer an opportunity to see exotic animals up close, but also want to educate people on these animals and the environment. Besides that they also have an edible garden that teaches people more about edible plants and herbs. On the premises you will also find Micropia, a museum that is focused on the small organisms that live all around and on us; microbes.


The Hermitage Amsterdam is the largest branch of the world-famous Hermitage of St Petersburg. The museum is located along the Amstel River in the historic Amstelhof building. Here you find amazing paintings of Dutch grand masters that you can see up close and personal. Next to the official explanations of what you see on these paintings, they’ve also included a children’s perspective on some of these paintings.

Jewish Historical Quarter

Amsterdam has strong ties with the Dutch Jewish community, therefore the cities history in that aspect hasn’t always been a happy one. The Jewish Historical Quarter is made up of the Jewish Historical Museum, the Dutch Resistance Museum, the Portugese Synagoge and the Hollandse Shouwburg. All tell a different story of the Dutch, and more specifically Amsterdam, ties with Jewish culture and WO2.

Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus

The Hortus Botanicus are the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens and they are four centuries old. With its lush greenhouses, butterfly house and exotic plants it is the best way to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. Originally founded in 1638, the gardens where first meant as a way for city doctors to grow the herbs they needed for treatments. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and contains over 6,000 different indigenous and non-native trees and plants.


In a beautiful building next to the Oostpark you will find the impressive Tropenmuseum. Here you will find regularly changing exhibitions feature objects that all have a story to tell about humankind.

Traveling from and in Amsterdam Oost

The best way to get around Amsterdam Oost is, like in the whole city, by bike. Rent a bike and ride your way into this part of town, it is only a short ride from the city center. If the bike isn’t an option all the metro lines come through Amsterdam Oost and tramlines 9, 7 and 3 take you in close proximity of all the hot spot mentioned in this post. Use Google maps or the GVB website for more detailed information about getting around in the eastern part of town. If you come by car, make sure to check where to park.

The best restaurants and Bars in Amsterdam Oost

One of the best parts of Amsterdam Oost is the lively restaurant and bar scene. Because of the mixed cultures in this part of town. Below you will find a list of our favorite spots in the city.

tHuis aan de Amstel inside

tHuis aan de Amstel

Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 45, Amsterdam

tHuis aan de Amstel (in English: tHuis at the Amstel) is an culinary and artistic café right at the banks of the Amstel river. Located in a former home that was built between 1907-1913, it is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a great meal.

Mama Makan

Spinozastraat 61, Amsterdam

Mama Makan is the latest addition to the Amsterdam Asian food scene. At Mama Makan they serve up tasty Indonesian dishes and snacks with a twist! The restaurant is located in the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam Hotel, here  you can sit down, have a fine dining experience or order a lavish traditional rice table and celebrate with some great cocktails after.

The Lobby Fizeaustraat

Fizeaustraat 2, Amsterdam

After the successful Lobby in hotel V the owners decided to open another one in Amsterdam Oost. And with success, the good food and great atmosphere of the original Lobby are very present at The Lobby Fizeaustraat.

 Restaurant C

Restaurant C

Wibautstraat 125, Amsterdam

The new restaurant C., a concept of chef Michiel van der Eerde (who is also behind Baut and Bautzuid) revolves around the temperature of food. The menu is divided into raw dishes (served below 20 degrees Celsius), gently cooked delicacies (80 degrees), boiled and steamed food (below 100 degrees) and products from the grill and tempura (200 degrees). The restaurant is a true feast for your taste buds and a unique concept in the city that is well worth a visit for those who like to try something new and exciting.

De Ysbreker

De Ysbreker

Weesperzijde 23, Amsterdam

De Ysbreker is an icon in Amsterdam, the restaurant and bar alongside the Amstel is a great spot to meet for lunch, dinner or drinks on a sunny afternoon. They have a huge sunny terrace along the Amstel that is a great place to socialize and people watch while you enjoy summer and spring in the city.

De Biertuin

De Biertuin

Linnaeusstraat 29, Amsterdam

De Biertuin is a concept that is found in other locations in Amsterdam as well. The Amsterdam Oost location is next to the Oosterpark and is always full of people. Come here early so you can ensure yourself a spot on their terrace and drink one of their specialty beers paired with one of their great bites.

Other restaurants and bars worth mentioning

Like we said, the bar and restaurant scene in this part of town is quite extensive.  We couldn’t just leave you with a few “best options” of restaurants and bars in Amsterdam Oost so please find more places to eat and drink down below.


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