Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



The State of Nature in the Artis Royal Zoo

The State of Nature is an photo exposition in the Artis Royal Zoo. During this exposition you can look at the beautiful pictures by Cladius Schulze who traveled all through Europe to capture nature through his lens. On all the pictures you can see us humans interacting with nature. How we enjoy, use and abuse it sometimes. Where most people choose to photograph the wilderness, Schulze wants to do the exact opposite; photographing nature in every day life.

More about the State of Nature

Contrary to what you might thing, he doesn’t want to show climate change or ask people to take action with is pictures. He believes people know about these problems, they just need to be reminded in an ever so subtle way. He wants to be the reminder that the pictures people take of every day nature, isn’t nature as it is. Usually people turn the camera way from windmills and buildings on their holiday snap shots, but that isn’t reality. With these pictures Schultz reminds us that we do interfere with nature, how we feel about that is up to us to decide.


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