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The Winter Parade

Winter is coming, but in Amsterdam that can only mean something good! For the 20th year in a row the Winter Parade will take place and take the visitors on a fablelike adventure.

It is time for the Winter Parade!

From Thursday 2ost until Friday the 29th of December (except the 27th) in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam it is time for the Winter Parade. It is a showcase of visions, meetings and get togethers. The acrobats, actors and musicians show off their talents on a 120 meter-long table. At the same time chefs and waiters take the stage to provide marvelous meals.

This year the parade will take you on a thrilling journey in which we make a film, eat, dance, drink and enjoy acrobatics and theatre all at the same time. It is a night out for the whole family!

The Winter Parade – The Little match girl

This year the Winter Parade is inspired by the Danish fairytale “The little match girl”. The table is divided into four sections, every section has its own performance that visitors can enjoy whilst wearing headphones (various languages available!).  At the end of the night every section has been up close and personal with every performance.

It is not a theatre show, not a circus, not a dinner show and most certainly not a Christmas carol. The Winter Parade is something you have to experience to understand it. Tingle all your senses in this exquisite, night-filling performance.

In the neighbouhood


Zuiderkerkhof 72, Amsterdam


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