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Things to do in Amsterdam Week 3   

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It is the start of a brand new week in Amsterdam. Whether you are a first-timer or a well-seasoned traveler to the city, the choices of things to do and see can be a bit overwhelming. To make your planning process a bit easier we’ve carefully compiled a list of things to do in Amsterdam this week!

Last call and only this week – Things to do in Amsterdam

For certain events time is running out! But don’t worry, this week you still get to enjoy the following events:

  • Amsterdam Light Festival is coming to an end so don’t forget to book a tour and see all the beautiful light sculptures.
  • This weekend is Whisky Weekend! This means that all you whisky lovers should gather at the Posthoornkerk to experience the 10-year anniversary of this very special weekend.
  • The Rembrandt Art Market is back in town! This Saturday Rembrandt Art market once again goes to West. Visit this artistic market in “de Hallen.”

Things to do in Amsterdam Week 3


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