Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Tour de Poep in Micropia

Tour de Poep in Micropia is an exhibition about your feces, yes you read that right… feces. Because it is a lot more than a stinking pile of sh*t when you look more closely. Don’t worry, this isn’t some disgusting exhibition. During Tour de Poep you will be taken on a journey along all the beautiful organisms that help with cleaning up the mess humans and animals make. From the huge elephants to tiny mice, they all have “natural waste” and nature has a nifty way of waste management.

More about Tour de Poep

This is an exhibition that is interesting for the whole family. Do a body scan  to learn more about you and your intestines. Compare the feces of different species – ok, sorry so you will get a little up close and personal, but it isn’t mandatory – and let a doctor tell you everything about the “transplantations” they do with feces. The Tour de Poep can be visited the entire month of May in Micropia, part of the Artis Royal Zoo.


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