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Veggie Festival

In June the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam Noord is home to the first Veggie Festival. Here you will find colorful vegetables, cool veggie burgers, mezzes, falafel, home-made lemonade and other veggie surprises. During the festival you can also enjoy some tasty gin tonics while you dance at live music. And they even thought of the smallest veggies with a special area for kids!

What to expect during VEGGIE festival

Every day 15 unique food experiences will surprise you during Veggie Festival. From small food trucks to all-time favorites and famous chefs. Besides the food and music, various inspirational speakers will educate people about the world of vegetables and the benefits of becoming veggie or vegan. Veggie Festival wants to shed light on the environmental and sociological impact of meat eating, but in a light hearted and enjoyable way. Showing meat-lovers and flexitarians that a veggie lifestyle can be delicious without doing any concessions.

In the neighbouhood


NDSM Wharf
NDSM-Plein, Amsterdam


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