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Vijfnulvijf kitchen Cafe

In the middle of Amsterdam East you can fine Vijfnulfijf Kitchen Cafe. This is the ultimate hotspot for the best sushi and other Asian street food in town. Step inside and experience the Asian street food culture in Amsterdam. The restaurant has a minimalistic interior with a real living room feel to it. Here you can enjoy your food in a very relaxed setting.

The remarkable menu of Vijfnulvijf Kitchen Cafe

The menu of Vijfnufvijf Kitchen Cafe is very diverse. It contains dishes from all over South East Asia. The restaurant is confident enough to guarantee that there is always something on the menu that you haven’t tasted yet. So step by for a delicious and surprising meal. Have some of the better known sushi meals or try the salt and pepper shrimp or some delicious Asian buns. Street food restaurants in Asia are known for their hospitality and their laid back ambiance. The perfect place to meet up with your friends. This is exactly what Vijfnulvijf Kitchen Cafe is like, so come by and you won’t be disappointed!

In the neighbouhood


Vijfnulvijf kitchen Cafe
Insulindeweg 505, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 358 53 88


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