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Vincent on Friday

For those who want to have an extra special experience at the Van Gogh Museum we can recommend visiting Vincent on Friday. On the last Friday evening of the month the museum organizes this special event. From 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. the museum is open for a very special purpose: to cater to a younger audience and to work together with young, creative talents.

Be inspired by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent on Friday is one of the most popular cultural activities in Amsterdam. During this special evening you get a tour through the museum. There is also some free time so you can walk around on you own and admire your favourite paintings. The museum often organizes some sort of activity, depending on the theme they picked for the event.

We would like to give you an idea of what you can expect at Vincent on Friday. For example: there recently was an evening with the theme ‘Japan’. Van Gogh never went to Japan, but he was inspired by Japanese art and this can be seen in almost all of his paintings. During the Japanese evening the visitors can see how contemporary artists are inspired by Japan. It was also possible to design your own Van Gogh kimono or to watch a documentary. At the end of the night there was a small party with DJs who also let themselves be inspired by Japan.

Vincent on Friday 2

And as you probably know Vincent wrote letters very often. That is why the museum has also organized an evening about wordsmiths. They invited writers, rappers an poets to tell what they would have said to Vincent is they had written a letter to him. You could also watch a documentary about writing love letters and there even was a workshop about writing letters.

Now you have an idea of what Vincent on Friday is like. Of course the theme is different every month, so visitors can experience a different side of his art every time. This is a unique opportunity to become acquainted with Vincent’s live, work and with young artists and creatives from Amsterdam.

Get your tickets for Vincent on Friday

These Friday evening sessions are a wonderful opportunity to see the museum as you’ve never seen it before. It is the perfect mix between culture and fun and you really shouldn’t miss this during your stay in Amsterdam. Every month has its own theme so please check their website or our very own weekend tips on Thursday to find out this month’s theme!

Be sure to order your tickets for Vincent on Friday on time. The event always is quickly sold out so you have to be fast. Now that you have heard what the evening is like, you probably think it’s quite expensive, but luckily for you that’s not the case. The tickets are only 18 euros, so don’t hesitate and check the website for the next Friday evening event and have a unique experience at this wonderful museum!


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