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We Make The City

On the 20th of June it is time for We Make The City, a festival with the sole purpose of improving a city. During this festival it all revolves around the question “what kind of city do we want to live in?” and experts talk about things such as climate, fashion, culture, mobility, architecture, technology, food, healthcare, sustainability and a lot more. This is a festival for everyone interested in urbanization and urban development.

About We Make The City 2018

We Make The City 2018 is the biggest urban festival of Europe. It celebrates city life and explores the possibilities of better urban living. On Wednesday the topic is the city as a question, professionals from all over the world tell what their vision is of an inclusive city. On Thursday the day focusses on the city as a challenge, during this day questions such as “how do we make the city more sustainable” and “how do we make the city safe and accessible” are questions that play a central role. On Friday they talk about the city and its development and during the weekend it is time for “The City as a Labatory”, flled with urban talks, workshops, expeditions, parties and expositions.

In the neighbouhood


Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam


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