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What ish Gender? in the Compagnietheater

What ish Gender? Is the first of a series of events that will challenge the way you think. The Compagnietheater wants to inspire and provoke thought with these festivals. During what is gender your perspective on gender roles will be challenged, leaving you inspired and maybe even a little provoked. Don’t miss this unique festival on the 17th of March.

About What ish Gender?

Most people see gender in one of two ways; you are either male or female. This dictates how you look, what you like and your sexuality. And for the longest time that was that, no one thought anything of it. In modern society however, gender roles are being challenged and people identify as much more fluid when it comes to gender. During the festival a range of artists, thinkers and performers come together in an informative and powerful festival. Dance, music art and clubbing are all combined in a cheerful plea against gender labeling.

In the neighbouhood


Het Compagnietheater
Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam


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