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In the heart of the city you will find Xitroom Escape game. This was the first escape room in the city and with two thrilling rooms it is still high on everyones to-do list. Xitroom has two escape experiences, more than one group can play the same experience to get that competition with your friends going!

Professor X

Go to the house of professor X’s. He is a crazy genius, and always very protective of his office. When he is out you take a peek inside, but while you are in the door locks shut! Will you be able to find a way out? And will you uncover what made the professor so secretive in the first place?

Madame X

Madame X is the older sister of professor X. She is the owner of a precious diamond and just like her brother, she likes to protect her most precious belongings. So, she asked her brother to keep it safe. Can you crack his crazy security before you get locked up forever?


In the neighbouhood


Prins Hendrikkade 135, Amsterdam
+31 (0)61 888 84 15


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