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Yab Yum Unlocked

Yab Yum, the world famous men’s club, is opening its doors again with Yab Yum Unlocked. The beautiful historical building is now a museum that gives tours unraveling the secrets of this once exclusive club. The luxurious bar and the caviar room are open for the public and a tour guide will help you with exploring the history of this (in)famous place.

The History of Yab Yum

Yab Yum used to be a stylish brothel for men with money. The girls where pretty and smart, the club itself was tasteful and everyone there was sworn to secrecy. Men from all over the world came here to celebrate successful businessdeals or to get away from their very busy every day lives. Because of the discrete image of the club celebrities and high placed officials are rumored to be ex-customers. The truth? That is a secret these walls will never tell.



In the neighbouhood


Yab Yum Unlocked
Singel 295, Amsterdam
+31 (0)62 831 08 29


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