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Best of Amsterdam

Best of Amsterdam

6X Wine bars in Amsterdam: Here you drink the best wines

There are plenty of wine bars in Amsterdam, with one in almost every neighbourhood where you can indulge in the best wines accompanied by some delicious bites.



01. GlouGlou – For a taste of pure wine, head to GlouGlou (Helststraat 3) in Zuid. This wine bar serves “vins naturels,” which means wine without any artificial additives. You can taste only the grape and nothing else. Along with an impressive wine list, the bar offers small dishes. The bright terrace and cosy bar exude a typically French atmosphere.


02. Alex + Pinard – According to themselves, Alex + Pinard (Dapperstraat 10) in Dapperbuurt, East Amsterdam, is a cafe with lively wine, beer, and good food. This wine bar serves wines from small producers, and its menu changes with the seasons and is based on produce from small, artisanal producers. The dishes are affordable.


03. Wijnbar diVino – You can experience an Italian evening at diVino (Boomstraat 41) in Jordaan (Centrum). The menu includes only Italian wines served from Thursday to Saturday, along with special dishes created by the Italian chef. Italian wine lovers know that they will be served to their liking at diVino. The owners of the wine bar regularly travel to Italy to look for new wines.


04. De Wijnkaart – De Wijnkaart (Van Breestraat 107) in Oud-Zuid serves a carefully selected collection of wines from forgotten wine countries such as Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, and Georgia. These countries are where the history of viticulture began bit by bit. The sommeliers at De Wijnkaart are happy to take you on a journey to discover your own taste.


05. Winehouse Somm – Winehouse Somm (Baffinstraat 1) in Baarsjes (West) is a cosy wine restaurant where you can indulge in the most delicious wines combined with excellent dishes. Unlike most wine bars that serve wines only by bottle, at Whinehouse Somm all their wines are served by the glass.


06. Chateau Amsterdam – Amsterdam has its own wine, and you can find it at Chateau Amsterdam (Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139) on the banks of the IJ (North). This urban winery uses grapes from all over Europe to make wine. In addition to watching the process from grape to wine, you can also taste over 20 homemade wines in their tasting room while enjoying some small bites.


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