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Nightlife & Entertainment

Nightlife & Entertainment

Café de Kroon

Café de Kroon is probably the oldest and one of the best-known bars in Amsterdam where you can also enjoy a fine lunch or dinner. Café De Kroon, opened in 1898, and it serves French, Italian and Oriental cuisine with a modern twist. After dinner, you are invited to the dance floor before exploring the rest of the neighborhood. De Kroon offers a great mix of classic and modern; it’s the perfect beginning of a long evening out.

People watching at Café de Kroon

On a dry day in the city you will see locals and tourist gather on the terrace of Café the Kroon. For people new to the city something here might struck a bit odd. All the tables and chairs are usually pointed at the Rembrandt square and the people passing by. But for the Dutch that isn’t odd at all. That here is the perfect spot for one of the nation’s biggest hobbies: people watching.

Indulge in this local hobby whilst enjoying everything the menu of Café de Kroon has to offer. You can have lunch, dinner or drinks here. Start your night at Café de Kroon with dinner and drinks, move over to the dance floor to start off your night before you dive deep in to the Amsterdam nightlife!


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Café de Kroon
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