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Amsterdam is a city full of culinary surprises. At Hello Amsterdam we have curated a list of the best, most surprising or just damn tasty restaurants. We’ve got everything you might crave, from French, Italian, Japanese and local cuisine to international and fusion restaurants. Want to make sure that your pick isn’t full for the night? Book a table in Amsterdam through our website and ensure yourself of a place on the table of your choice!

The options are endless in Amsterdam

The city is full of all kinds of restaurants. From burgerbars to Asian, Italian and seafood restaurants, there is something for whatever you are craving. The city also has a big vegetarian and vegan movement. With many restaurants specialized in vega and vegan dishes and regular restaurants with suitable options you can enjoy, there is a restaurant for everyone. Book a table in Amsterdam at one of your favorite places and ensure yourself a good dinner during your stay!


For many tourists the tipping culture in The Netherlands is quite the mystery. Unlike other countries we do not have specific tipping habits. All service personnel in the Netherlands earn a minimum wage. Therefore, tipping is not required, but it is appreciated. In general, the Dutch don’t tip for one drink or when they buy something to-go. In a restaurant with table service they tip anything from 2 to 10%, but only if they want to show their appreciation for the server or the kitchen. If they have a mediocre experience they can just as well leave without tipping. So, what you tip at Restaurants in Amsterdam is totally up to you, good luck! Whatever you are having tonight, we hope you enjoy the wide selection of restaurants in Amsterdam.

Stay in the loop

New restaurants open every week, therefore it is hard to keep track of everything that is worth a visit. Luckily here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to do just that. Follow our website to stay in the loop of new restaurants opening.