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Eat & Drink


The restaurants in Amsterdam are a melting pot of cultures and flavors. Indrapura is no exception.The restaurant is a tasty, gastronomic oasis in the bustling city! If you are craving Indonesian food, this is the place to be! Their rice table was named the best in the city in 2016, and we can understand why!

Indonesian Cuisine at Indrapura

Restaurant Indrapura in Amsterdam is located at Rembrandtplein and is known for it’s good Indonesian cuisine. Guests can enjoy the amazing cuisine that is served in a traditional way. Indrapura is built and decorated with love and attention to detail, with the beautiful wooden floors, cupboards and some small indonesian decorative details.

The restaurant is centrally located on Rembrandtplein and within walking distance of the Opera and Carré Theatre. There is a separate room for larger groups so the restaurant is also a perfect spot for casual dinner meetings, birthdays or other celebrations. 

Enjoy a traditional Food at Indrapura

Stop by at Intrapura for a traditional meal. You can choose a traditional rice table (rijsttafel) or order á la carte.

When ordering a rice table you will get various different dishes that you and your group can share. It is a perfect introduction to the Indonesian cuisine or a great option for those who want to try it all!

A rice table is one of the most popular ways to enjoy Indonesian food, but ordering á la carte is possible for those who wish to keep things a little simpler. When you order á la carte we can recommend the Rendang, Daging Kerengsenang or the Ayam Pohsanthen.

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Rembrandtplein 22, Amsterdam


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