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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

Ron Gastrobar Oriental

Ron Gastrobar Oriental offers Asian cuisine with influences from all over the world. Their interesting and playful menu is full of gastronomic surprises. Dim Sum, Peking Duck and a large selection of fusion dishes to share (or not) accompanied by cocktails or a good glass of wine. Expect a culinary feast!


Ron Gastobar Oriental is know for their Peking Duck, which will probably will be one of the best you’ll taste in Amsterdam. The dish, Pe King Hau Ngap comes with buns and hoisin sauce and can either come as a whole or half duck. Another one not to miss out on is the Porkbelly with smelt, sweet sour sauce and green apple. Choosing the Best of Oriental you’ll get a 6-course chef’s dinner with all the best dishes off the menu.

More on Ron Blaauw’s Gastrobar

The daring turnaround of Ron Blaauw’s Michelin-starred restaurant into Ron Gastrobar, two years ago, has proven to be a huge success. According to Ron Blaauw, top level food does not necessarily have to entail six appetizers, four kinds of bread, seven-courses and a friandise trolley. Blaauw completely changed the top-level food concept to create an entirely different dining experience. Ron Gastrobar has an à la carte menu offering 25 dishes that cost €15 each, which can be ordered throughout the evening. The proven success of this formula has the city asking for more. “There are so many sushi businesses in Amsterdam, but we are lacking a real oriental restaurant that showcases the ancient Chinese cuisine.” says Blaauw.

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Ron Gastrobar Oriental
Kerkstraat 23, Amsterdam
+31 20 223 5352


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