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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink


The Latin American restaurant Salmuera recently opened its doors in Amsterdam. The restaurant is named after an Latin American aromatic brine used in the preparation of food. For almost 500 years Latin America has been a melting pot of various cultures, races and cuisine. All these influences can be found at Salmuera.

Special Salt flows at Salmuera

Salmuera (SAL) is named after the special aromatic brine or salt water Argentines traditionally use to baste their meats while grilling. At Samluera this water flows freely onto the restaurant’s breathtaking asado (the authentic Argentinean spit grill used to roast meat over charcoal). Besides the rustic kitchen and grill, there is also a ceviche bar and an authentic mezcal bar with a variety of extraordinarily inspiring cocktails. For nearly 500 years, Latin America has been a melting pot of cultures, races, religions and, above all, cuisine. Salmuera is determined to share the passion and diversity of Latino culture. The food and drinks at Salmuera carry you off to the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, the markets of Lima and the Mezcalerias of Mexico City.

Travel through Latin America with food

Savour the succulent sensation of asado grilled meats that melt in your mouth and watch our chef prepare fresh ceviches right in front of your eyes. Discover why mezcal is the mother of all spirits and get a full-on Salmuera experience.

Drinking and dining at Salmuera will transport you to the barrios of Buenes Aires, the markets of Lima and the mezcalerias of Mexico City.

In the neighbouhood


Rozengracht 106, Amsterdam
+31 20 624 5752


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