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Shopping & Lifestyle

Who’s That Girl

Who’s That Girl was founded in 2002 in Antwerp by a group of friends working in fashion. They were into colourful, easy-to wear pieces. But the clothes they liked were nowhere to be found, or at least, not within their price range. So they decided to give it a go and start up a collection themselves. Designer Catherine Talpe: “If you want to look good, first of all you’ve got to feel good. If an item is not flattering, comfortable and affordable, we won’t offer it.” This simple philosophy has paid off. Presently, WTG has brand stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brugge, Hasselt and Berlin. WTG offers feminine shapes for feminine bodies. Special attention is given to a perfect fit, highlighting the silhouette while providing camouflage where needed.

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Who's That Girl
Reestraat 18, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 420 48 04


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