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Noordermarkt, market for fashion lovers and interior junkies

Everything from antiques, sunglasses, jewelry, old books, art and all kinds of curiosities

Amsterdam is full of markets where you can find all sorts of things. Today we would like to zoom in on the Noordermarkt on Saturday. This market takes place every Saturday and is located at the edge of the Jordaan district, surrounded by lively bars and cafés.

The Noordermarkt is no tourist trap, many “Amsterdammers” can be found browsing the stalls as well. Many locals call it “one of the most authentic markets in the city”, and we understand exactly why. The Noordermarkt has something for everyone, from fashion lovers to interior junkies, gems can be found at one of the many vendors. Satisfy your bargain brain and try to score your own one-of-a-kind item at this charming market. Take a stroll along the stalls and find fine antiques, sunglasses, jewelry, old books and all kinds of curiosities.

But the Noordermarkt isn’t just for those who like to find hidden gems, it also caters to the needs of the foodies in town. They can explore the organic food market (de boerenmarkt or farmers market) to stock up for a home-made meal, go by one of the food stalls to grab a quick snack or buy one of the pre-made, organic and healthy meals that the vendors sell. At the food market you’ll find everything from meats and cheeses to vegetables.

History of the Noordermarkt

The farmers market that is held every Saturday at the Noordermarkt is one of the first official farmers markets in the Netherlands. In June 1897 they held the first edition and it has been a must-visit in the city ever since. The farmers market also made the “regular” Noordermarkt more popular, because of the food stalls many people gathered there on Saturdays, making it the perfect meeting place for farmers, customers, locals and tourists.

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